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We provide the following services

General & Cosmetic Dentistry Service

General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Primary dental care for patients of all ages.

Pediatric Dentistry Service

Pediatric Dentistry

From infancy through the teen years...

Conscious Sedation Service

Conscious Sedation

No need to fear!

About Us

Meet the Dentists



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Dr Carmen Spies is a dental surgeon and the owner of the Dental Ladies practice situated in Allens Nek. She studied BChD at the University of Pretoria where she graduated Cum Laude in 1999. Here she was also awarded for the most outstanding performance in Clinical Orthodontics. She has been a practicing dentist since 1999 and became the owner of her first practice in 2003. To further her skills, she completed post graduate diplomas in both Endodontics and Implantology. She is passionate about children’s dental care and is therefore a member of the Paedodontic Society of South Africa, supporting outreach programs for children without means. She is also the treasurer of the South African Dental Association of Gauteng. When she isn’t performing root canals on patients, Dr Spies likes supporting local musicians, dancing and spending quality time with her husband and daughter. Her motto in life is “Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you”.

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Dr Marietjie Weakley qualified in dentistry at the University of Pretoria in 1989 and has been in private practice ever since. To further her skills, she completed a post graduate diploma in Implantology. She especially enjoys working with children and patients that have severe dental phobia. Dr Weakley is currently the President of the Gauteng South Branch of the South African Dental Association, she is one of their 30 National Council Members, as well as a committee member of the Paedodontic Society of South Africa. She founded the Outreach Project of the Society in 2009 at the Branemark Institute in Morningside where she and other volunteer dentists perform dental work on underprivileged children free of charge. She is also involved in a Mobile Dental and Medical Clinic in Diepsloot organized by the Rhiza Trust Foundation. She is happily married and the proud mother of two children. In her free time, she enjoys horse riding, hiking and having fun with her family. Her motto in life is “Do your best – God does the rest”.

Mission Statement

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Our mission is to help our patients live healthier lives by providing a caring and nurturing environment in which patients receive only the highest quality dental care.


Latest News from Dental Ladies

Exciting New Payment Option
2 November 2015

Exciting New Payment Option

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We know that everyone is feeling the pinch of our country’s current financial situation. Dentistry is also seldom something people plan for and emergency treatments can’t exactly be put into a budget...

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Laughing Gas Sedation
17 May 2016

Laughing Gas Sedation

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Laughing Gas is now available at Dental Ladies Practice. Click the button below to find out more ...

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23 January 2017


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Listen to a Podcast where Dr Marietjie Weakley was invited to speak on Dental Fears, Preventive Dentistry and other interesting subjects on Radio Today, 1485 AM.

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Exciting New Payment Option

We know that everyone is feeling the pinch of our country’s current financial situation. Dentistry is also seldom something people plan for and emergency treatments can’t exactly be put into a budget. That is why we here at Dental Ladies have decided to implement a whole new payment system for our patients. We have partnered with the Edcon group and patients can now use their Edgars, Jet, Legit and Boardmans Thank You cards to pay for their dental work! We are the first practice in Johannesburg to offer this convenient payment option and hope that this will afford our patients some peace of mind.

Laughing Gas Sedation

Now available at the Dental Ladies practice! Laughing Gas Sedation is a safe and cost effective way to treat adults and children with severe dental phobia. Contact us today for more information or to make an appointment!


Dental Plans & Financing

Preventative dental care plans and financial solutions to suit any pocket


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DenCap is based on the internationally driven principle of preventative healthcare. Patients come into the dentist’s office once every six months for a check-up, cleaning and routine maintenance. This ensures that possible problems are identified and repaired early on, which dramatically decreases the patient’s risk of having to have more serious dental work, like root canals and crowns, performed. While these procedures save the tooth in the short term, it can seriously affect the integrity of the tooth and eventually results in extractions and costly implant procedures. At a low monthly premium, you can ensure your entire family’s future dental health. Click here for more information.

Dental Risk

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Dental Risk was created to fill the gap for patients who find the dental coverage on their current medical aid insufficient. It is therefore additional cover to be taken out on top of your usual medical aid to ensure that there will be enough funds available for dental work. Depending on your dental coverage, your medical aid will therefore cover a portion of the work and Dental Risk will cover up to the insured amount for a particular service under your chosen policy. There are numerous different types of cover packages to consider to suit your financial situation and dental needs. Click here for more information.


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Need financing for a dental procedure? When left too long, some dental treatments can be quite costly and medical aids don’t cover cosmetic treatments like bleaching. When it comes to dentistry, the quicker you do the work, the better. When cavities aren’t dealt with, the tooth will continue to decay and will eventually need to be extracted and then costly procedures like dental implants are necessary to preserve your smile. Luckily there are some financing options available so that you can get the dental work you need now and then pay it off monthly. Click here for more information.

We accept the following card payments

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These are medical articles to help educate our patients on important dental care practices and procedures

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